The CMH Burnout Center

Here are some resources to get you started on your journey up and out of burnout:

The Happy MD

Dr. Dike Drummond leverages his own burnout story and his thousands of hours of coaching burned-out physicians to give you the simplest, most quickly effective tools to manage your work-life balance. Start with the blog or the book, but consider hiring his team of coaches to help you with a more urgent need.

The White Coat Investor

Dr. Jim Dahle, an emergency medicine physician, shares fantastic financial advice for high-income professionals. Start by binge-reading the blog, then venture into the many other resources he has, including books, courses, conferences, and vetted lists of financial professionals. Getting your financial house in order takes away a lot of the fear and uncertainty in practicing medicine.

Physician on FIRE

Dr. Lief Dahleen is an anesthesiologist who reached financial independence (FI) and decided to retire early (RE) in his 40’s. Now he blogs about his experience and about the FIRE movement in general. Knowing that FIRE is a realistic option for most doctors can take some of the length out of the dark tunnel we are in.

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