This is a work of satire and is purely fictional. Resemblance to specific individuals is unintentional and coincidental. Any healthcare worker will recognize the snarkasm, groupthink, gaslighting, and learned helplessness that are so prevalent in medicine.

To my brothers and sisters in medicine: I hope these strips give you a good cathartic laugh. If you are as burned out as the staff at Coalmine, then please visit the CMH Burnout Center.

To medical leaders and government regulators: please consider the impact of your decisions on those of us who work the front lines of medicine. I am fortunate to work for an organization which does a pretty good job of treating its doctors well. Not all of my fellow healthcare workers are so blessed.

A quick note about the software used: Inkscape is my workhorse for page layout and drawing. Post-processing done with ImageMagick. Screenplay was written using LibreOffice Writer. Handwriting font was made from scratch using Inkscape and FontForge.


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